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Before serving begins, bartender must check with the Lodge Hostess to ensure there is a Certificate of Liquor Liability on file for the caterer.




No alcoholic beverages of any kind are to be sold, given away or used upon The Lodge at Double Gates, LLC premises which would be in violation of Alabama law.


Bartenders are responsible for the amount of alcohol served to guests and are to be aware of serving to anyone under the legal drinking age.  If in doubt, ask for an I.D.


Bartenders are responsible for refusing alcohol to any guest who is visibly intoxicated and for notifying the client of any such situation.


Red wine is not permitted at buffet events.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


All keg beer must be served outside the Lodge.


No self-service is allowed for alcoholic beverages (e.g., tubs of beer).


No drinking by bar service personnel is allowed while on duty.


No cash bars or tip jars are allowed at the Lodge.




All ice chests inside the Lodge must be placed on a tarp supplied by the bartender or client.


Bartenders must provide their own supplies for the bar (e.g., cork screws, pitchers).


No alcohol may be delivered prior to contracted time without permission of the Hostess.


After initial unloading, all bartenders are required to park their cars on the far side of the premises during the event.


Any power equipment must be approved by the Lodge Hostess one (1) week prior to the event.


Plastic barware is allowed, but must be free of advertising.



All rental glasses, tables and linens must be stored on the back porch of the Lodge or in the pavilion at the end of the event.


Garbage containers will be furnished by the Lodge for inside and outside.  Bartenders are responsible for emptying the containers throughout and after the event.


Bartenders must keep the bar area free of dirty glasses and debris throughout the event.

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