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THE LODGE AT DOUBLE GATES has established the following guidelines and policies to be followed by your Caterer:



Caterers serving alcohol must have liquor liability insurance and are required to add The Lodge at Double Gates, LLC as an additional insured.  A copy of the insurance policy must be provided to the Lodge prior to the event.


No red wine or punch is allowed at buffet events.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


No cash bars or self-serve alcohol stations are allowed.


Plastic glassware is allowed, but must not have any printed advertisement.


Any ice chests not used in kitchen must have a poly tarp underneath them.




The following rule applies to the number of servers required for each event.  This is in addition to station servers (i.e., beverage/bar, carving stations, cake-cutting stations):


          Minimum of two (2) servers for fifty (50) guests

          Minimum of three (3) servers for one hundred (100) guests

          Minimum of four (4) servers for one hundred-fifty to two hundred (150-200) guests

          Minimum of five (5) servers for two hundred fifty to three hundred (250-300) guests


Dress code – Servers must be dressed in a professional manner.  No athletic shoes, tight pants or jeans are allowed.


After the initial unloading procedure, catering staff must park their vehicles on the far side of the parking lot for the event.




No food or alcohol may be delivered until the day of the event.


Rental equipment may be delivered prior to the day of the event.  However, the date and time must be cleared with the Lodge Hostess.




Caterer is to have someone stationed at both cakes for cutting and serving.  Caterers who do not provide this service are responsible for alerting client so they may make other arrangements.


Wedding and groom’s cake are to be boxed by caterer at the end of the event.


No cake is allowed to be served on napkins.




At least one catering staff member is required to stay on premises until hostess leaves.


Caterers are responsible for busing tables and bringing all dirty dishes, left-over food, etc. to the kitchen during the entire event.


All rental equipment to be picked up at a later date must be stored on the back porch or in the pavilion.  This includes all dishes.


Caterers are responsible for cleaning up all food, beverages and dishes inside and outside Lodge.


The kitchen must be cleaned, including sweeping and mopping the floor.


All food must be removed from the Lodge following the event.


All trash must be taken to the dumpster.


If caterers have set up tables, chairs, bars, etc. on the porch or grounds, they are responsible for breaking down those items and placing them on the back porch or in the pavilion so that nothing is visible from the street.  Lodge grounds and porches are to be left clear of debris.




There is to be no smoking of any type, including vapor-style cigarettes, in the Lodge by anyone.  Smoking is allowed on the front lawn only and not on the porches or inside the Lodge.  Lessee is responsible for damage to the Lodge property due to guests smoking in un-designated areas.


No deep-frying is allowed in the Lodge.  Any deep-frying or grilling is to be outside in an approved area.


No open flames are allowed inside or outside the Lodge, including porches.  All chafing dishes must have protective pads under sterno containers.  No sterno allowed under coffee service, only tea-light candles.


Anything borrowed from the Lodge must be returned to the appropriate storage area.


Any equipment on the exterior of the building needing power must be approved by the Lodge Hostess at least one week prior to event.

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