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Flowers are an integral part of any wedding.  THE LODGE AT DOUBLE GATES has established the following guidelines for use by your floral provider:



The Lodge is typically open to the client four (4) hours before event beginning and four (4) hours afterward, though the final contract time is determined by the client.


All decorations must be delivered through the back entrance.  Do not park delivery trucks in front of the Lodge.


Arrangements should be completed as much as possible prior to delivery.  If work has to be completed at the Lodge, florists may use the back entrance or parking area as a work space.  This area must be cleaned and all trash removed before the florist leaves.  Tarps are required for work space.


Flower arrangements should be completed at the Lodge by the time specified by client.  Please check with your client to ensure flowers are ready for photographs.




No open flames are allowed inside or outside the Lodge, including porches.  All candles allowed inside the Lodge must be approved in advance by the Lodge Hostess.  No other candles may be used.


Glass globes must be provided over flames.  Hurricane globes are allowed.  All candles must be approved prior to use.




Florists are required to remove all exterior arrangements and containers at the end of the contract time.  Door and balcony decorations may remain until the following Monday for weekend events (unless another weekend event is booked) or the next business day for weekday events.


No nails, staples or glue are allowed on any surface inside or outside the Lodge.


Florists my not clip greenery from Lodge grounds.


Florists must bring their own ladder, scissors, etc. 


The Lodge at Double Gates, LLC is not responsible for containers or equipment used or left at the Lodge by a florist or client.

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