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Red wine may be served outside the Lodge if an additional damage waiver is signed by the client and on file with the Lodge.


No self-serve containers are allowed for alcoholic beverages.  All alcohol must be served by bartender.


Anyone serving alcoholic beverages must provide the Lodge with a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming The Lodge at Double Gates, LLC as an additional insured.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that your caterer has this Certificate on file with the Lodge.  The Lodge at Double Gates, LLC is released from any and all liability concerning the presentation, consumption, and/or distribution of any alcoholic beverages.


Lessee shall not allow beer, wine, or liquors of any kind to be sold, given away, or used upon said premises in violation of Alabama Law.  Lessee is responsible for the amount of alcohol served to their guests and The Lodge at Double Gates, LLC is absolved of any responsibilities pertaining to alcohol or the serving of same to guests of Lessee.


Bartenders must be approved in advance by the Lodge Hostess and must adhere to Bartender Guidelines.  No cash bars or tip jars are allowed.




There is to be no smoking of any type, including vapor-style cigarettes, in the Lodge by anyone.  Smoking is allowed on the front lawn only and not on the porches or inside the Lodge.  Lessee is responsible for damage to the Lodge property due to guests smoking in un-designated areas.




No open flames are allowed inside or outside the Lodge, including porches.  All interior candles must be approved in advance by the Lodge Hostess.  Any candles used on the exterior of the Lodge must be supplied by the Lessee, and any flames must be covered by glass globes to stay in compliance with the fire code.  Lessee is responsible for lighting prior to the event and removing these items after the event.  Luminaries are allowed on Lodge grounds, but not on porches. 




For safety reasons, rice, rose petals (real or artificial), bird seed, confetti, serpentine, string confetti, soap bubbles, or anything akin may not be thrown or used inside the Lodge or on porches or steps.  Lavender is allowed, but only outdoors and must be distributed outdoors.  Biodegradable items such as real rose petals, Eco-fetti, bird seed or bubbles may be used on the drive or grass only.  Only biodegradable items may be used on the grounds.




No fireworks or sparklers may be used on the grounds.  No matchbook favors may be given out at the Lodge.




Musicians and entertainers must be approved in advance by the Lodge Hostess.  All musician’s or entertainer’s equipment cases must be stored in an area designated by the Lodge Hostess when performing inside the Lodge.  Musicians are to provide their own tables for equipment and cloths to the floor to cover wires, etc.  The musicians are not allowed to drive on the front lawn.  All equipment must be unloaded and picked-up by using the drive.




Florists must adhere to the Florist Guidelines.


Lessee is responsible for removing flowers they intend to keep at the end of the contracted time or make arrangements with management for pick-up at a later date.  Any unwanted flowers may be left at the Lodge.  All rental vases, columns, and flowers are to be removed from the front lawn for pick-up by the florist at a later date.




Caterers must adhere to Catering Guidelines.


Anyone providing catering services must provide the Lodge with a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming The Lodge at Double Gates, LLC as an additional insured.  A copy of their business license is required.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to see that your caterer has the necessary documents on file before your event.  The Lodge at Double Gates, LLC is released from any and all liability concerning the presentation and consumption of food items.


Small bed & breakfast plates and forks must be used for serving cake.  No cake is allowed to be served on napkins.  Clients must provide someone to be stationed at and cut each cake if caterer does not provide this service.                                                                    




Wedding rehearsal times are arranged around the schedule of The Lodge at Double Gates, LLC.




The Lodge does not offer dressing rooms for men or entertainers, and we ask that they come dressed.


A guest house is provided for the bride, her attendants, and mother(s) of the bride only.  Guests and visitors are not allowed in this area.




Clients are required to meet with the Lodge Hostess and all vendors for a “walk-through” at least six (6) weeks prior to the event.  At that time, all furniture placement for the event will be decided and noted.


No furniture is to be removed from the Lodge, and no outside chairs are allowed inside.  No inside furniture is allowed outside.  Any re-arranging of furniture will be handled by Lodge staff only and with the permission of the Lodge Hostess.




A tent is required for any event with 300+ guests.  Before a tent is rented, all layouts and schedules must be submitted to the Lodge for prior approval.  All lighting schedules must also be submitted to the Lodge and approved before final decisions are made.


It is the obligation of the Lessee to ensure someone is responsible for breaking down and removing all outside furniture.  All rental furniture must be broken down and placed in a designated area or left inside the tent before the end of contracted time.  No chairs or tables are allowed to be left on the front lawn o porch of the Lodge past contract time.


Prior arrangements may be made for rental items to be left on the premises in designated areas for later pick-up, including tents.  However, if an event is booked for the following day, all items must be removed immediately.  This may incur additional charges from rental companies.  Additional fees will be incurred if the set-up, including tents and lighting, is required to start on Friday and left up until Monday.  See rental information rates.


Additional lighting on the front lawn and Lodge may only be placed by approved Lodge vendors.




All personal items brought to the Lodge by the Lessees and their guests must be removed the day of the event.  The Lodge at Double Gates, LLC is not responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen items brought into the Lodge, including the bride’s area and grounds.  Valuable items may not be left upstairs during the wedding and reception time.  No dogs will be allowed inside the Lodge or on the grounds the day of the wedding.




Contract time includes set-up and break-down.  Therefore, guests must leave one (1) hour before contract ends.  Lessee may pre-arrange to have additional time added to the contract for an additional charge.  This must be paid in full prior to the day of the event.  The rate is $200.00 per hour, subject to change.




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