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Double Gates Lodge with Snow
Double Gates Lodge and Flags
Double Gates Lodge

The Lodge at Double Gates

Then & Now

Double Gates Lodge in 1930s
Boykin Lodge Sign
Boykin Lodge Marker

Built in 1905, The Lodge at Double Gates (also known as the Frank W. and Ocllo Boykin Hunting Lodge) is a three story, white farmhouse that features a wrap-around porch and an expansive lawn.  Located off of Highway 43 in Washington County, the Lodge was purchased in 1919 by future Congressman Frank W. Boykin, who would go on to represent the State of Alabama in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. for twenty-eight years.

Originally, Congressman Boykin used the property to act as the setting for hosting political dignitaries and friends.  The Congressman never missed an opportunity to share his love for South Alabama.  Later, the preserve became a gathering place for the next four generations of the Boykin family.

In 2005, the family held a 100 year celebration of the construction of the beloved family home.  Generations of extended family and friends amassed to reminisce and share tall tales of the good times celebrated... where "Everything's Made for Love".

Congressman Boykin used the phrase "Everything's Made for Love" so often, that it became his slogan and motto!  The quote is displayed on the sign over the entrance to the property and in the front yard as a reminder to all of Boykin and his love for this land, his home state and his fellow man.

The family is honored to share this cherished and storied home with those looking for a special location for a wedding or other celebration.  Please come see and experience the spectacular Lodge at Double Gates.

Magazine featuring Congressman Boykin

In May 1950, Colliers Magazine published a piece on Congressman Boykin that captured his huge personality.

Mobile Bay Article Cover

The Lodge was featured in the November 1992 issue of the Mobile Bay Monthly.

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